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Holder Handmade

Soap Saver

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Handcrafted soaps require a little extra care to make them last longer, because they're not packed full of synthetic hardeners and other chemicals. This Soap Saver is your answer to proper soap care!

With space so that the soap can drain and get air flow, this soap saver lets your soap dry between uses and prevents it from sitting in a puddle of water.

PVC soap dish. Made of 100% recycled plastic, BPA and Phtalate Free.

This listing is for one (1) PVC Soap Dish

Tips to extend the life of your handcrafted artisan soap:

Use a soap dish that allows for water to drain away and is not in a direct stream of water.

Try to let your soap dry out between uses.

Store in a cool, dry place until you are ready to use your soap.

You’ll be delighted the first time you try this luxurious soap and find yourself daydreaming of your next relaxing bath! If you’d like to keep shopping for more artisan soaps and handcrafted gifts, including glycerin soaps, crochet cotton washcloths, or bath & body gifts, you may return to the Holder Handmade shop home by clicking the following