Giving Back

5% of all profits are donated to the National Wildlife Federation (on a quarterly basis).

I chose the National Wildlife Federation because they work to give all Wildlife a voice - and they have a good reputation. Whether it's the honeybees or bison, butterflies or whales, they advocate for them.

As a soap maker, I've learned to be more aware of environmental impacts - including the impact of unethically sourced Palm Oil. As a (newish) gardener, I've learned more about why honeybees (and all pollinators!) are so important. As a human, I've learned a lot in the past several years about the impact we have on the world - and I want to make a difference. When I was looking at charities to donate to, I considered several bee-focused charities, some Chesapeake Bay charities (after all, I live right on the Bay) - ultimately, the NWF has a broader reach and helps foster overall awareness. 

In addition to providing monetary donations to the NWF, I regularly support the organization S.A.C.K. - Supporting a Community with Kindness. S.A.C.K. is an organization dedicated to providing soap sacks to those in need. Holder Handmade has donated close to 200 bars of soap in 2022. You can read more about S.A.C.K. here:

When I'm not donating soap bars to S.A.C.K., I'm donating them locally in my community to Harford Family House, an organization dedicated to ending homelessness in Harford County. You can learn more about them here:

Our soap shavings and scraps are donated to Eco-Soap Bank, where they are rebatched into soaps for children across the world. You can learn more about Eco-Soap Bank here:

Overall, while I am just one small soap maker and a tiny handmade business, I believe the if we each do small things and act with kindness we can make a difference. I'm committed to making the small difference that I can through a variety of avenues.




Holder Handmade 2023 Giving Back Stats:

Donated to National Wildlife Federation: $91.18

Donated to S.A.C.K.: TBD

Donated to Eco-Soap Bank: TBD

Donated to Harford Family House: 78 bars of soap