Giving Back

In January 2022, I've started to donate 5% of all sales to the National Wildlife Federation.

I've chosen the National Wildlife Federation because they work to give all Wildlife a voice - and they have a good reputation. Whether it's the honeybees or bison, butterflies or whales, they advocate for them.

As a soapmaker, I've learned to be more aware of environmental impacts - including the impact of unethically sourced Palm Oil. As a (newish) gardener, I've learned more about why honeybees (and all pollinators!) are so important. As a human, I've learned a lot in the past several years about the impact we have on the world - and I want to make a difference. When I was looking at charities to donate to, I considered several bee-focused charities, some Chesapeake Bay charities (after all, I live right on the Bay) - ultimately, the NWF has a broader reach and helps foster overall awareness. 

However - I'm planning some events for later this year that will target some Bee organizations and the Chesapeake Bay - because why not? Stay tuned!!